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“I became involved with this project because I wanted to help people who have been seriously impacted by COVID-19, particularly children. I chose hunger as an issue because of massive food insecurity and children affected…”  Read More from Web Developer Candice Parker
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 26 million adults and as many as 15 million children don’t have enough to eat during the pandemic. Giving Map helps feed hungry people where the need is greatest.  
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With COVID-19, we face a foe unlike any other. The flash points and hot spots change from day to day. The casualties are not only those stricken with disease. They are Americans who have lost their jobs and even their homes. They are all of us, struggling to cope with the new reality of social distancing. They are Americans grappling with depression and anxiety. They are business owners and workers who have lost their vocation and their livelihood. Our culture and communities are hard pressed to rebound.

The goal of Giving Map is to empower individuals to give whatever they can to the local organizations that will have the most impact. Our nonpartisan, data-driven website portal helps you find tax-deductible, nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations in the places with the greatest disruption. These nonprofits include hospitals and healthcare organizations, but also food pantries, employment assistance missions, and groups making masks and face shields.

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