Some Notable Achievements from Giving Map

March 16, 2023

I have literally never been part of a more successful open source volunteer project. We had more volunteers than paid staff, and their contributions were lasting and impressive. Based on the reach of our viral social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook (estimated 3-6 million views) I know our work saved lives.

Unfortunately, the project came to a halt due to my health issues from severe fibroids. The physical symptoms, in particular anemia from hemorrhage and blood loss, were unmistakable and debilitating and only grew worse over time. It took multiple surgeries and months of recovery time to stabilize.

Leading a non-profit initiative under COVID lockdown was challenging to say the least. But an outstanding team of volunteers and paid staff made the difference.

I would like to thank the leadership team at PDX Hackerspace, Jon Hannis in particular.

We did good work. Thank you for your role in facilitating this.


Tess Gadwa

Program Director
Giving Map