Greenslate USA Launches ‘Donate Your Commute’ Campaign to Help Nonprofits Survive COVID-19 Pandemic 

Greenslate USA Launches ‘Donate Your Commute’ Campaign to Help Nonprofits Survive COVID-19 Pandemic 

Interactive pandemic map connects donors and nonprofits; Donors can instantly find communities in need and donate to registered nonprofits in the community.

(August 17, 2020, PORTLAND, OR) Greenslate USA is launching a new initiative to support America’s nonprofits at a time when many are in danger. According to grantmaking organization CAF (Charities Aid Foundation of America), one-third of all U.S.-based nonprofits believe they might shut down in the next 12 months due to financial hardship. As a first step, Greenslate’s “Donate Your Commute” campaign suggests those who are able to look at the Greenslate map for communities in trouble and donate half the money they saved working from home to nonprofits in those communities.

Greenslate’s data-driven web portal focuses on an interactive map currently displaying the number of new COVID-19 cases per 10,000 residents in a county over the past 14 days. This striking data visualization helps prospective donors better understand the current state of affairs county by county. From the map, connects donors directly to lists of local nonprofits in ten categories via Charity Navigator, the world’s largest charity evaluator. The categories include:

  • Hospitals and Primary Care
  • Mental Health
  • Education and Training
  • Food Insecurity
  • Shelter Insecurity
  • Parks and Forests
  • Emergency Response
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Children, Family, Youth and the Elderly
  • Community and Culture

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented level of need in today’s world. It threatens families, communities, and livelihoods,” said Tess Gadwa, program director. “Our interactive map helps demonstrate need and the “how you can help” tab connects the prospective donor to causes in that community. With donations dwindling, events canceled, and normal fundraising efforts postponed or canceled, our nation’s nonprofits need a new path to fundraising.

Gadwa continued, “Some communities, like the tech sector, are able to work remotely. With no commuting costs, and restaurant, entertainment and travel expenses curtailed, this community has more disposable income than ever and is looking for information on where to donate. Greenslate’s data-driven/heart-led approach provides a tactical solution.”

The Greenslate data visualization platform officially launches today, combining reliable and current data with vetted charitable organizations, allowing the generosity of donors to have an immediate and positive impact. The data comes from Johns Hopkins University, a trusted source of information regarding coronavirus cases. Greenslate’s map provides a unique and actionable view of up-to-date information county by county. 

“Nonprofits need support now more than ever. According to our most recent survey of rated nonprofits, 54% have had to cut back on programs while, at the same time, seeing an increase demand in services,” shared Kevin Scally, Chief Relationship Officer at Charity Navigator. “In partnership with Greenslate, we’re proud to provide donors with a resource to make a difference in their local communities.”  

“We’re issuing an immediate call to action: let’s help people in need now,” said Gadwa. “Our first Greenslate USA initiative, #DonateYourCommute, is challenging those who can afford it to donate half their commuting savings to nonprofits in those communities particularly hard hit.”

This campaign is only the first Greenslate USA project. There will be additional actionable data visualizations and other social media driven campaigns. In addition, all aspects of Greenslate’s solution leverage the power of sustainable, carbon-neutral web hosting.

About is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit initiative created in partnership with LLC, PDX Hackerspace, Charity Navigator, the Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund, and a core team of dedicated open source volunteers. Follow GreenslateUSA on Twitter – @GreenslateUSA.


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