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(August 27, 2020) is now Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

“We believe our new name better communicates the nature of our first product and our evolving mission,” says Program Director Tess Gadwa. “We develop data-driven, open source software with the goal of transcending local boundaries and bringing donors and volunteers together with organizations matching their goals and values.” is a not-for-profit initiative funded through the Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Trust, in partnership with LLC, Yes Exactly Inc., and PDX Hackerspace. The first Giving Map was developed for COVID-19 relief. It helps donors give directly to registered 501c3s in the areas hardest hit.

The principle behind a Giving Map is actionable data–visitors are presented not only with compelling data visualizations, but with opportunities to immediately take action and make a difference. Future Giving Maps will address such issues as climate change, racial justice, and economic opportunity.


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